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The Vision of 2002 - Systo's Founding Mission

  • Systo is starting out to become the leading provider of technical services to small and medium businesses in the Boston area.
  • We stand out amongst the competition because we apply superior quality standards and are committed to our client's success.
  • Systo is the synonym for reliable, fast and efficient solutions.
  • Our clients to think of Systo first when they have a technical problem.

Systo is dedicated to helping small business owners. We protect your investments and help you keep your operation running.

2003 - An Update

At Systo, we believe that off-shore development is not the anwser to the problems of today's economy. Off-shore development increases the project overhead and destabilizes the high-tech industry. Funds are needed here to provide income for people and municipalities.
We think that the local tax base should be preserved, to guarantee that our roads and bridges can be maintained, that we get healthcare after retirement and that our children have a right to a decent education.

Therefore, Systo decided to develop software locally. To be competitive in the marketplace, we are eliminating the overhead1 instead.
At Systo, there are no vice presidents, directors and other high-paid, non-productive positions. Instead, there are people who work for you, at rates that you will like.

1In the consulting world, overhead describes the ratio of productive vs. unproductive positions in an organization. The more management roles, the higher the overhead.
Typically, organizations with high overhead are either immature or failing:

  • Founders of a startup company often like to put themselves in a management role, but find that they are incompetent. So they have to hire counterparts that do their work, effectively filling one role with two individuals. Such organizations are immature and the overhead will disappear over time, once a higher level of maturity is reached. Until that happens, a lot of time (and your money) will be spent arguing over competencies and reporting structures.
  • When layoffs are necessary, managers typically start cutting at the bottom. People don't like to lay off themselves. In a terminally failing organization, only the management is left. Often, managers then get back into part-time productive positions, but they never quite become productive enough. Your money will probably be lost.
If you are looking to hire consultants, stay away from either kind of firm. At Systo, there is no overhead.