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Data Recovery

It is Friday night before the end of the quarter. Your accounting system does not boot. All your books are on the harddisk of the computer that does not boot. What to do?
You will most likely spend a long time on the phone with the expensive hotline of the computer manufacturer, speaking to a person in India with a heavy accent that does not understand your problem and, hours later, realize that you have not gained a thing.

Even then it is not too late to call us. Granted, you may have a problem that even we cannot fix soon enough for you to close your books. But that's rare. Often, the problem can be solved by reparing selected files, re-installing your operating system or maybe putting your disk into another computer. You will be up and running within a couple of hours. If we cannot save your computer, we will extract the important data and create a CD-ROM for your convenience.
And if the worst-case scenario has hit you and your hard-drive must be sent to a data recovery specialist with dust-free lab equipment in order to salvage your data, we will tell you right away.

Whatever we do to your computer will be non-destructive, i.e. we will not alter anything that was there. If destructive action is required, we will ask for your permission in writing and educate you about the risks.