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Solution Design

You have a team of sharp software engineers for your project, but you don't have a person with the broad experience necessary to develop a solid and extensible solution design? Systo can solve this problem.
Systo's owner and president has 20 years of experience in solution architecture, design and development. He is a Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for the Java 2 Platform (SCEA). Our solution designs foster state-of-the-art practices and will provide you with

  • Performance
    We make sure that your system will perform well under load by analyzing the hardware and software components in light of the expected transaction volume.

  • Features
    We will closely follow the requirements document during the implementation so that all features get implemented.

  • Extensibility
    We will follow good design practices so that the solution can be extended to meet future requirements.

  • Integration
    Whatever legacy systems, databases or process you are using, we will make sure that the new design integrates will with all of them.

  • Cost-efficiency
    Our designs will be tailored to meet your needs, but not go beyond that. We will not waste your money designing ultra-cool features that you don't need.

  • Process
    Our team is well-versed in corporate software development processes. We use this experience in creating designs that allow the development process to be structured and tighly managed. This is accomplished by modularization, reuse of components and defining versatile interfaces.

  • Solid Data Models
    We recognize that a sound data model is the key to a successful solution design. If the ground work is not done properly, software engineers will lose a lot of time working around data-related issues during implementation. We have the experience and the qualification to deliver data models that are useable and still perform well.