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Online Price Quote for Systo's Services
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Application Development
Application type: Simple Web Application
Web Service Application
not sure
Platform: Windows .Net
Windows Visual X 6.0
Unix, C or Java
Other/not sure
Number of pages/screens/forms and major features:
Database: SQL Server
Number of entities or tables:
Number of reports:
Number of data feeds:
Security requirements: low medium   high  
Complexity of business requirements: low (simple forms)
medium (some logic)
high (complex rules apply)
Number of external services (e.g. Credit Card Processing):
Graphical output (e.g. charts): yes   no  
Migrate existing data: yes   no  
Application development quote:  

Network Installation
Network Type (100 Mbit Ethernet): Wired
Floors: 1   2   3   more  
WAN/Internet connection with router: yes   no  
Firewall (Netscreen-5XT Elite) and configuration: yes   no  
Cubicles: yes   no
Wire Cat-5 cable in wall (total feet):
Wire Cat-5 cable in conduit, ceiling, floor (total feet):
Number of workstations and servers/wall outlets:
Wireless/max. distance (feet):
Quote for your network:  

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This service is for informational purposes only. The numbers calculated by this service do not constitute a bid or committment by Systo to provide a service at a pre-determined cost. The true cost of Systo's services are determined in collaboration with our clients, based on their exact needs, and will be submitted in paper in the form of a proposal if one is requested.